Nazanin Q.

This review is waaaaay long over due!

I purchased a Toyota Corolla S Plus 2016 roughly around early October and have been extremely pleased with the overall experience so far. My brother, sister, and I were approached by a young gentleman by the name of Omar P. He mentioned that it was his first day (keep in mind this was back in October 2015) right off the bat to ensure if we felt okay with him being new and if it would be alright to clarify or double check his answers with the General Manager before answering some of our questions. First of all, that was a bold and proper way to approach a customer who is looking to buy a brand new car. Some people may have replied back to Omar with a "Ehhh, I don't want to waste my time or your time. So can you get me someone more experienced?" Anyways, we've all had our first days on the job and needless to say, thank you Omar for being honest, helpful, and patient throughout the entire process. Thus, reading some other reviews, it seems that you've continued to provide the same excellent service with others as well! Keep up the great work!

Furthermore, I took in my car for a '5,000 miles service check' last week which was scheduled with, William M., also goes by Billy. Billy explained the entire process of what was going to be done on my car as well as following up after the service to answer any questions I had. *Usually, most places just grab your keys and tell you that they're going to call you when your car is ready.* However, Billy took the time to explain everything as well as schedule  a shuttle to drop me off home and pick me up to bring back to the dealership when the car was ready.

In addition, my shuttle driver was Gary and he was on time and extremely funny. We talked about building advancements in Dublin to luggage, and in no time we were already at the dealership! Regardless, you will not feel bored or feel awkward during the drive!

Lastly, if you're looking into buying a new Toyota, I suggest stopping by Dublin Toyota because I've been to numerous other dealerships and their customer service is not even close to what Dublin Toyota offers!

Bhagwan L.
My wife n I  had been look for a vehicle for a while since our current one was totaled. Which also was a Toyota. William Suntay, (sales professional) Nick (sales manager) and Julio (finance department) helped us purchase a new 4Runner. Took it for a test drive. Felt it drove better than the new Tacoma. So we decided to get it. Got an awesome deal on it.  William got us close to the price we wanted to pay. Wife is super happy with the SUV. "Wife happy. Life happy" ;)  THEY FILLED THE TANK! Thanks guys!!
Krystal S.

I arrived at Dublin Toyota thinking that I was going to just look at cars and get idea of what I like. I ended up walking out with a new car at a very good deal it did take a couple of tries for me to bargain with the price and I am very happy with the purchase I ended up getting a Scion Toyota 2013 and the person that help me out was Ivan who had great customer service.

Frederico M.

5 stars to William Suntay! I purchased a 4Runner Trail Edition which has a lot of 4 wheel drive features. William took his time to review the proper use of the drivetrain system and the technology that the vehicle has to offer. He made sure my experience at Dublin Toyota was exceptional. Thank you William for going above and beyond.

Annabel C.

This is my first yelp review. This place has the best customer service. They don't rush you to make a decision they help you without a rush to buy a car.

My husband and I bought a new 2016 Toyota 4runner with the help of the friendly sales person  William Suntay and Nick the  sales manager. Julio in the finance department was also super helpful and friendly.

My husband and I were glad we got a good deal on the truck and mostly like will buy another one in the future from here.

I recommend everyone to come here and ask for William Suntay.

Joicy G.

I went to Dublin Toyota dealership and I met a very handsome and very intelligent young man NAJ!!!

Gave me a very good deal and best customer service.

I recommend everyone to ask for NAJ.

After I found out that there is a better deal the next day. I bring the ad to Nick Sandhu, the finance manager. He helps me to get a second key for my car on the approval from the GSM, Mr. Faisal. Although I knew that I did not get a good deal because I did not do a research. But I appreciate that they tried their best to make my day better.

Juan M.

We just buy  a 2015 Nissan Rogue at Dublin Toyota and Vehicle Specialist William Suntay Gave me a very good deal and best customer service.i highly   Recommend William Suntay on your next purchase i give him a 10 stars ratting .hes nothing but a wonderful guy..thanks William Suntay.

Mattia B.

Great service and friendly people. Nick and Najib were very helpful and made the purchase of my new 4Runner very smooth. I got a great financing rate from them which actually beat my banks rate that I have been with for 20 years!

I recommend buying your new auto at Dublin Toyota!

R C.

My family and I had a WONDERFUL experience with Dublin Toyota on 12/23/15!!  We walked out with a 2015 Avalon and could not be more happy!  We went their to looking for a car for my 2 teenage boys.  We were helped by a salesman named Galen.  He was WONDERFUL!!  No pressure at all, showed us what ever we wanted, which were a few different cars, test drove a few with my family, he explained everything about the cars from engine to interior, radio, tires, etc!!  He even included my boys.  He was very very patient.  If he did not have answers he found them quickly for us. I've been to may car lots and he was by far the best salesman I've ever worked with!!!!
If I had to change anything it would have been the process when you see the finance man to sign all the papers,  That took WAY TOO LONG!  Other then that, I give them 5 stars!

Kari L.

I am so happy with this place. I needed a new 12 volt battery for my Prius, and there were NO auto repair shops in my neighborhood that could help me, so I went to the dealership. I usually don't like to go the dealership because they typically cost more money. However, I am thrilled with the money I spent. It was worth every penny to go here and not to an auto repair shop.

I called in and Hamad answered the phone. Originally he said he had no openings, but when he heard the desperation in my voice, he gave me his number and told me to call when I was on my way in. I was greeted immediately by him and other people that work there.

I was in and out of there in an hour. The person that fixed my car and installed my battery was amazing as well (unfortunately I don't remember his name).

I don't have enough good things to say about this place. I would recommend Dublin Toyota to ANYONE, and Hamad really went above and beyond for me. Thank you to everyone that works there!

Gurdit S.

B j sidhu give me very good service. He is probational and very humble. Go see him if you need a friendly service..

Lionel G.

Very Excellent and professional help throughout the entire process. I took home a Toyota Tacoma pickup and was happily assisted by Moe Belhachmi and Rico Sammy. Outstanding work from both of them, very patient and knowledgeable in the field of car sales. I will not hesitate in the future to reach out to them. Highly recommended to anyone stopping by or for someone who's in the market for a vehicle. Thank you very much. WAY TO GO!

Andy L.
It was a very cold day on 12/28 as we wondered the car lot looking for a new car.  Larisa approached us and started showing us around.   The huge parking lot with many selection of cars to choose from, it will take us awhile to walk all around.  Larisa offered to drive us around the parking until we spot the model and color we wanted.  The overall buying process was simply wonderful and with no pressure of buying all the extras.  Thank you Larisa!!   

Also a big thanks to Nick for helping with the financing documents.

Imane L.

Both of me and my husband went shopping for a car for the last 2 months.everytime we walked in to a dealer sales people ask the same question are you buying a car today?

but when we went to dublin toyota we met a very proffessional salesman his name is Moe he was very kind helpful he answered every question we asked plus he spent a lot of time with us.after the test drive and showing us the features of the car.we decided me and my husband to go for lunch and think about it.

After 2 hours we came and purched the toyota camry from Moe.

I will recommand all my friends and family to come to this large dealer they have plenty of cars and colors.

Of course it was a great buying experience with Moe.

Young K.

First time business with Dublin Toyota.

Since I'm not really good at price deal, I offered a price that I can find from mobile apps. BJ Singh was the sales professional and he tried to listen to me very well and drove/managed the dealing process very smooth all the way toward the end - the car that I bought was in transit at the time of the deal.

Besides, before I visited the dealership, I called to check if the car that I wanted to buy (dark gray sienna) was available, and the lady who answered phone (sorry forgot the name) was really nice to answer the questions that I had.

My impression during/after this transaction was that the dealership has very professional and kind staffs and perhaps very good training program. Highly recommend this dealership and BJ.


Sarah L.

Abe is a great sales person. We now have a nice family van from dublin Toyota. We love it!

Bob P.

Worked with Sonny B and had a great experience. Pleasant and professional and low pressure. Very good experience and would recommend searching for him if you want to buy a car here.

 DJ S.

5 STARS to Cindy and Ron in the service dept! My 2005 Toyota Prius started flashing some weird sensors and needed to get checked. Ron was lightning fast, he wrote me up and got me on the road in no time. He got back to me and found an expensive problem that was unfortunately past my warranty coverage. He said he was going to talk to his Manager and see if they could help. I also contacted Toyota corporate and was advised that they would get back to me the following week since it was past my coverage. All this happened on a Friday.

Cindy contacted me on Monday to let me know that she's working on my claim. I also followed up with Toyota corporate but did not get an update. Tuesday came and still no resolution from corporate and then Cindy called me! She gave me the good news that my claim was approved. She said the parts are already in order and my car should be ready the following day (Weds)! Now that's customer service! Got my warranty claim approved before corporate! My rep from Toyota corporate even mentioned that the dealership went to bat for me, thats why it was approved and processed so quick.

Thank you again Cindy, Ron, and Dublin Toyota for being rock stars!!! Also see my man William Suntay if you're looking for a new car! He'll get you the best deal fast and hassle free:)

Jimmy P.

Time to get a new car. This past Saturday, my wife and I traded our car, which we've owned for 11 yrs. We'd like to give William Suntay a Five Star for being such an exceptional, from the moment we parked our car, he was ready to help us with our car needs up until we closed the deal. He was awesome, professional, accommodating and not pushy at all. Going there we kind of knew what we wanted which was the RAV4. We drove test a couple and he answered all our questions. He was very nice and knowledgeable. He is more than just a salesman, he is a family. Thank you so much, William!!! Go see William if you're looking for a new car and he'll take care of you.

Frank S.
I recently purchased my first new car, 2016 Scion tc. I was approach by William Suntay (vehicle  specialist). He helped me find the exact car I  was looking for. If you want great customer  service he's  the one you want to see. Thanks for all your help William.

Adrian G.

Shot out to Haron Ahmadi from the service department. I made an appointment to have my oil changed as part of the warranty service. I chose the earliest appointment to ensure I could get out of there at a decent time. Upon showing up I was told 2 hours ETC. I was upset! But Mr. Ahmadi displayed professionalism and got me out of there in a reasonable time. My only recommendation to the dealer is... If you are going to have an appointment system why should the customer have to wait for other walk ins?  I made the appointment for a reason.



I appreciate your response. However, how could the customer with an appointment be the priority if I arrived at 7:40 for my 7:45 and the wait is 2 hours. Toyota even offered me a shuttle!!!  Why would I need a shuttle if I have an appointment and specify that I will be waiting for my car?  Are you booking multiple appointments for that time?  When I checked online 7:45 was the earliest appointment.. That leads me to believe that walk in appointments are ahead of me.

Please clear this up for me and other customers reading my post.  I'm sure other customers with appointment scheduled don't want to wait two hours to have tires rotated (aka 5,000 mile service)

Lonnie B.

I had excellent service yesterday from Louis Lanza, my Service Advisor. Just had my 45,000 service and it was smooth as silk. They take great care of me there!


Jimmy H.

I have had the great pleasure of working with Mike Hill, Rico S. (sales rep in May), and Omar P. (sales rep in November) over two car purchases this calendar year.  Rico assisted me with my 2015 Prius Plugin, as I looked for a more fuel efficient vehicle for my commute into the City; Omar helped my mother choose between a 2016 Corolla and a 2015 Prius C, as she looked to upgrade our very old Tercel.  Both reps were very knowledgeable of Toyota's entire fleet of vehicles and were fiercely committed to ensuring that we had the best possible buying experience from Dublin Toyota.

I am also extremely grateful for Mike's help with both purchases on the financing side.  Through absolutely no fault of Rico's, a miscommunication between me and someone behind the front desk during the total pricing negotiation almost derailed the deal.  Right when we were about to walk out, Mike came through and actually got me a better deal than what I had originally targeted.  It is precisely because of his commitment and dedication to me as a customer back in May that I chose to ping him when we were shopping for a subcompact vehicle this Thanksgiving holiday.  Mike promised to take care of us, connected my mother and me with Omar, and helped us close on the Prius C the same day with minimum hassle.

Mike, Rico, and Omar:  Thank you for helping us this past year.  We cannot be happier with our Priuses.


Malou L.

I just love my new 2016 Camry! William Suntay help me purchase my 3rd Toyota last Saturday.  Thank you William for giving me an excellent service and good experience. Next time you shop for car ask for William.

Balasubramoni R.

Excellent customer care and support. Nick Sandhu from finance and Mo from sales helped me with the new car purchase.

Ali A.

I just purchased a 2016 Tundra from Dublin Toyota. I've been researching trucks for the last six months and finally narrowed it down to a Tundra. I walked into several different Toyota dealers in the Bay Area and never felt too comfortable with any of their sales reps until I went into Dublin Toyota. I was fortunate to be greeted by William Suntay. William listened to my needs and immediately provided me with their available vehicles and quick test drive within the parking lot. He never asked me for my driver's license which showed a level of trust. We exchanged number and never felt any pressure from him to purchase the car that day. Within the next few weeks we communicated over the phone and I decided  to purchase my vehicle, but also recommended my mother-in-law, who was in the market for a new car, to purchase her's from Dublin Toyota. William and the staff keep the process simple and relatively quick and pleasant. I highly recommend William and Dublin Toyota for their proffesinalism, service and selection of vehicles.


Avneet B.

I worked with Mike Hill and he just called to resolve my DMV issues. Good person !

Jae S.

Excellent Sales Team!

Sales manager, Mr. Moe Belhachmi helped me with the new car lease.

There was no ping pong and I could make a great deal at once.

Thank you so much, Moe!


Kim O.

My wife and I saw an ad on the website and called and got Rico S. First, as I had much traffic to navigate through, I was quite late one night after work, but Rico was waiting even though he was off an hour and a half earlier. We resumed with him the next day when my wife could join, and though he's a car salesman and his job is to sell at the highest price and also sell the add-ons, he does so with lots of knowledge and low key pressure. We ended up buying a car from him and I have to say that he was most gracious and you could tell that he took it personally. He was like a true friend when we left and then he even drove to our house and made an early morning pick up of the car that we traded in. Excellent service and we intend to visit him and his sales pal Sonny B when we look for another auto for our son later this year.


Marina Z.

After having spent a cumulative over 10 hours at this premium Toyota dealership, I am happily driving away with two fantastic vehicles that I am confident will safely carry my family of five for the next several years!

The sales team (which in my case consisted of Sunny B & manager Mike Hill) worked with me, for hours, ensuring that I

found the perfect model, year and specs for our family and commuting needs. We needed a family van with AWD and a hybrid high mpg but still spacious commuter car. Our family is pleased with our Sienna and Prius and not only will we recommend Dublin Toyota (Sunny B & Mike Hill) but will likely be back in the future when our need arises for another reliable car and pleasant buying experience.


Tai T.

Bj sidhu is a wonderful salesman. He is friendly and approachable. Definitely go talk to him if you want to get a great deal.


Jimmy W.

I had a pleasant experience with internet sales manager Ken Dam. We talked over phone, and he help me find the exact car with exact options I need with very good price. I went to the dealership next day, and worked with Alex to have a test drive and signed the document and pickup my car in few hours. The whole process was very efficient. Highly recommended.


Chris Q.

I have had great pleasure to working with Jun Quiazon who is the Toyota specialist. He is very professional . He spent 2 hours in introducing the features of the car and providing me lots of useful info. Finally , he helped  me to find my dream car Seinna SE 8 passengers which is very suitable for my big family .Thank you for his great help!

Meanwhile, I must say thank you to Mike Hill who is the manager. He is professional as well and has patience to every customers. He has a great team and could help you to find your right car in a short time .

Thanks again !

Charisse T.

Shopped around for a new or new used, went to a few dealerships and ended up at Dublin Toyota, can I say I am very happy that we did. B.J. met us as soon as we walked up to the lot. He was extremely helpful, patient and courteous. We also met with Ali Khan, again, extremely helpful and patient.

Got a great deal, didn't feel overwhelmed to make a purchase, or oversold extra's. Over all, great experience, will definitely work with this location again.

Sri K.

"Got a good deal on a used 4 door sedan. Ali Khan, Sales Rep  from the dealership, helped us with the right choice of cars, test drives, answering questions and getting the deal done quickly. He was friendly and understood our needs.

This is the third car we are buying from Dublin Toyota. They have a huge selection of cars and good deals."


Matis T.

"My husband and I've been looking at used RAV4 for weeks in and around the Bay Area. We sent an online inquiry to Dublin Toyota for one that we really liked. Timo Curran reached out to us almost immediately. We checked out the car and test drove it that same very night. Pamela Whitehead walked us through all the features of the car and answered our never ending questions very patiently, despite the late hour.

Pamela and Timo are both very professional. I could tell that they were sincerely trying to find us the best car at the right price while respecting our budget. They weren't pushy at all. This car was our first big purchase as a married couple, and we were nervous. It's not at all hard to find a well priced Toyota RAV4 in the Bay Area. In our weeks long search, we found several. But the reason we decided to go with this particular car and dealership was because of our interactions with Pamela and Timo. They really put our minds to rest!

After we decided on the purchase, Gill helped us take care of all the tedious paperwork. He, too, was very patient with all our questions about financing and walked us through everything very meticulously.

Like I said earlier, it's not hard to find good car deals around the Bay Area. However, it is hard to find good and diligent sales people. If you want to avoid all the hassle and cringing that goes with car buying, go to this place. I'm definitely recommending this place to our friends all thanks to these three folks."


Maria S.

"I came in for service and my parents were looking for a new SUV for next year. I was greeted by John and I'm very grateful he answered all my questions. I'll make sure my next and my parents vehicle will be with him!! No doubt about it."

 Lily Z.

"My husband and I were very pleased with our recent purchase experience with Dublin Toyota. I was very impressed with their finance representative Kyhan. We had a pre-approved loan with a bank, and he was very patient trying several times to finally get in touch with the bank and worked out the loan with us. We purchased several additional options with Kyhan, the process was easy, he was very friendly, open and honest, and we were very happy with Kyhan's service. My husband worked with their sales representative Salman. He is a nice guy too and pleasant to work with."


Alexis And Michelle H.

"A year ago we bought a used 4Runner from William,he was great to deal with and has since followed up and called us several times checking up on us,if we were happy or if there was anything we needed.william and the experiance we had was so great that we decided to go back and look at some options for an economical comuter car for me. This time we did business with a man named Moe.he was nice and polite,very easy to work with.we ended up liking a used Corolla with 40k miles certified and warranty,when it came time to deal the price it was quick easy and what I felt a far price.Manu in the finance department was quick and easy and we were out in no time. I can't wait to drive my new car to work! If you're looking for a new or used toyota,go to dublin and look for William or Moe,you won't be disappointed."

Nieleen T.

In a three week process, my mom, sister, and I visited two other Toyota dealerships: one in the South Bay and one in the East Bay. I guess the third time's a charm because not only did I finally walk a way with a car AND a good deal, but I walked away knowing which Toyota dealership I'd go to for great service-- Dublin Toyota!

My sister had been communicating with Matt Lanning about a Toyota Corolla S via email for about a week so we thought to finally make an appointment. Upon arrival, we were greeted by a man asking if we needed help. I told him we had an appointment with Matt and he more than happily walked us all the way to Matt's office. Matt took the time to hear what I'd be comfortable paying every month and he did an awesome job getting the price as closely as he could; he was very professional and genuine. Although it wasn't the exact price, I was not upset about because I still walked away with my car feeling like I got an amazing deal on top of great service from Matt.

Now, of the three Toyotas, including Dublin Toyota, Dublin was for sure the best one. Walking around the dealership, everyone is extremely friendly. I didn't feel intimidated or pressured to make a decision like the other two Toyota dealerships made me feel. If


Lisa R.

I had the pleasure of working with 3 gentlemen. Walid, Rico, and of course the master Manu. I purchased a brand new 2015 white rav 4 they treated me nice and helped me with everything from making sure my car was clean, getting the loan done, taking care of my daughter, my father, and my fiance took a little time but Manu worked his magic and got everything done. He was upfront about everything. I give Manu a hard time but he loves it either way ha! Thank you Dublin toyota! I will bring and handle all my business here in the future.



S H.

I've been bringing my cars here for years. Scott is the person I always work with. The service is fast and done at top quality.  If they tell me my car will be done at a certain time it's done. The car I currently have is not a Toyota and I made the decision to bring it here because the dealership I purchased the car from service area and garage sucks. I'm really please with the business I do here! plus my cars are always in great condition and run smoothly without any problems.

Kayli T.

This review is for Najib, Mark , Will and Kayan. Hopefully i spelled that last one right! Najib was so friendly  when he approached my roommate and I looking on the lot, he quickly brought me in to meet with the sales managers, Mark and Will. Although my heart was set on a more expensive car, it was not in my price range and Will was very honest about what i could get for my budget and didn't try to hustle me into a higher priced vehicle. Mark then helped with numbers while Najib found me an amazing car for my price range and he did it with patience and really listened to what i wanted!!! I bought a used 2010 Mazda 3 and I love it! Kayan helped me with finance and explained everything to me literally, because i had so many questions, and he was very patient as well! I had a really great experience here and they made my car purchasing non stressful and fast! Thank you guys!!!

Ira C.

Myself and my partner are first time buyers. After work, we went to Dublin Toyota JUST TO LOOK FOR A CAR AND GET A QUOTE. That was the only reason why we went there. We never plan to get one on that night!

So when we got there, NAJ was the one who took care of us. He is very professional, respectful, and we felt that he really cares for his clients, not just for the commission he will get.

My partner and myself chose a 2013 Toyota Sienna LE. Only 39K miles; it's the perfect car for us.

NAJ really helped us with financing. We are first time buyers, but we still got a great deal! And, it really suits our budget.

NAJ didn't make us feel like we didn't know what we were doing. He explained every single thing to us.

I cannot complain with his great customer service. He was very kind and polite, and cheerful as well! He also showed that he is really a patient person and understanding.

Moreover, when we got the deal, my check was left at home. So NAJ drove all the way down to San Jose with us so that we won't come back to Dublin anymore.

We finished the deal midnight and still, he has a smile on his face no matter how tired he was.

So if you want to buy a car, no matter what kind that is, GO TO DUBLIN TOYOTA AND LOOK FOR NAJ! You will never regret it. HE'S THE BEST BECAUSE HE CARES!

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