Yaris Exudes Best of Toyota Exterior Styling

It is no wonder that the new Toyota Yaris is turning heads everywhere along the streets of Dublin. This popular subcompact vehicle exudes the very best of Toyota's expert styling. A bevy of impressive exterior features makes the Yaris stand out from its competitors.

The streamlined silhouette of the Yaris shows off its sporty styling. The iconic honeycomb grille takes the sportiness to another level of fun. The optional integrated fog lights bring the look all together while also serving the practical purpose of better illuminating the road in front of you if conditions necessitate superior lighting.

The Yaris LE and XLE take it one step further with the LED turn signals built directly into the outside mirrors. An innovative heating element ensures that inclement weather conditions will not block the view as it melts off ice and fog. The lights can be adjusted with a push of a button.



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