Impressive Toyota Prius C Safety Features

There is good reason the Toyota Prius C is a popular compact hybrid hatchback. Here are a few safety features.

When your vehicle starts to drift out of the safety of the lane, the Lane-Keeping System will spring to action. The steering wheel in the new Toyota Prius C start vibrating as the vehicle leaves the lane, allowing the driver to take corrective action before the vehicle hits another car or travels off the road.

The all-new Toyota Prius C comes with the Pre-Collision Assist system for identifying a risk of a collision on the road. When the radar system identifies that risk, the driver will get visual alerts followed by the brakes pre-charging. If the driver doesn't take action, the brakes will slow the vehicle to a stop in time.

Test drive the all-new Toyota Prius C today at Dublin Toyota and you'll be able to discover why this vehicle has become so popular these days.



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