What Do You Like Best About the Toyota 86 Interior?

What do you think is better on the interior of a sports car? Is it sophisticated interior materials or a steering wheel that's made to help you hug tight corners? Maybe it's a flip-down back seat so you can stow your gear or a display audio that can also help you navigate. What if we told you that you can have all of this on the popular sports car, the Toyota 86?

This sports car features premium materials, such as the Granlux trim, a suede-like material, on the seat bolsters. It also has a flip-down back seat so that you can transport passengers or carry extra gear in the trunk whenever you need to. The display audio can help you pick your favorite tunes, get you directions, and so much more.

If you're interested in learning more about the Toyota 86, come to Dublin Toyota for a test drive.




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