ToyotaCare: A Free Service to Keep You on The Road

ToyotaCare is a program that includes emergency roadside services and gives you peace of mind. The program is free, and it is available 24/7. Toyota gives you several ways to call for assistance. There is an 800 number, or you can download the app.

The app allows you to call for services, such as emergency fuel and lockout assistance. You can also store information about your vehicle through the application. Two documents you would want to save in the app are proof of insurance and vehicle registration.

ToyotaCare also comes with maintenance. Use the program to have your oil and filter changes for free during the two-year program. Your local Toyota service department can rotate your tires and check fluid levels.

Routine maintenance will keep your vehicle running strong, and ToyotaCare makes it easy. Schedule an appointment with our service department at Dublin Toyota conveniently located in Dublin, CA for an inspection today.
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