The 2018 Toyota Corolla: A Smart Car, But Even Smarter Buy

How could getting into your 2018 Toyota Corolla be even easier? What if you didn’t even have to take your key out of your pocket to unlock and start your car? With Toyota's Smart Key technology, your keys never have to leave your pocket. In fact, you don’t even need to touch them to start your car! The secret is the rolling codes constantly being generated by the key fob in your pocket. As soon as you get close enough to the car, your fob emits a code recognized only by your Corolla to unlock the door when you touch the door handle. Leave your key in your pocket when you press the engine start/stop button and you're already on your way! Security is guaranteed by the rolling codes, which generate a new code every time you enter your vehicle, so that you never use the same code twice!

The 2018 Toyota Corolla is full to the brim with other features to enjoy while you're behind the wheel as well! Features like the heads-up display with path-projection make parking a breeze, as lane-assist and blind spot monitoring are other features that make the Toyota Corolla one of the most well equipped sedans on the market with a price that's built to compete! The Toyota Corolla is a visually and technically stunning vehicle, perfect for experienced and first-time drivers alike!

When all of the available features of the Toyota Corolla sound just too good to be true, come visit our team at Dublin Toyota and treat yourself to a test drive! You'll be amazed at all the tech and features that are able to fit into a compact and reasonably priced sedan! The 2018 Toyota Corolla is the fun economical car that you owe it to yourself to try today!

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