Sure Indicators That You Have Bald Tires

You certainly want to avoid a situation where you are driving with the tires that are worn out. Driving in worn out tires does not only put you at a very high risk but also could result in a ticket. The last thing you want is a tire-related accident; therefore, you have to be cautious and regularly check whether your tires are in good shape.

Apart from off-road tires and winter tires, most tires have a tread depth of about 10/32nds of an inch, when your tire gets to a tread depth of about 2/32nds or less then you have worn out your tires, and they need immediate replacement. The most common way to know if your tires are worn out is measuring the tread using a penny or a quarter. You can tell by looking at the time the car takes to stop. Bald tires take a long time while stopping compared to new tires. You can consult Dublin Toyota if you wish to get new tires.

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